Why Finding Bethany?

The inspiration for the name Finding Bethany:

 While on earth Jesus did not find a place of rest in most towns and amongst most people, yet in a little village named Bethany The Son of God found Home.  In Hebrew Bethany means the ‘house of the poor and humble’. It was in Bethany that He found a place of rest and was ‘HOME’ amongst His people. He was fully welcomed in Bethany. His word was received in Bethany, and ultimately He was loved in Bethany, thus to this day Yeshua is still searching for His Spiritual Bethany, within you and me.

We give you our heart, and share with you through weekly video and writing, with a heart of prayer that it will inspire you to know the Lord more, that we together would day by day fully receive all who He is, daily partake and receive His living word, and ultimately give ourselves wholly to God in humble love…and

 become His Bethany…

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